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How Can Videos Do Wonders For Your Social Media?

Videos are the most popular content types on the internet. So, how can they help your social media?

Back in 2021, the research concluded that marketers unanimously agreed that video is the most valuable content type—particularly for specific goals. However, videos on social media today come in many shapes and forms.

Including stories, short videos, live videos, reels, etc. So, how can you boost your social media marketing through videos? Why exactly are they helpful? Here are four reasons that explain it well:

1: Storytelling Features

Videos are best at storytelling, and that’s why around 85% of social media users wish to see more of them. However, a brand or marketer needs to use these videos properly. As mentioned above, videos can be used in various ways, such as stories or reels.

So, on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you can use them to tell brief but engaging stories. You can also use them on TikTok or Snapchat, but Instagram and Facebook provide a lot more headspace for longer videos.

2: Retention: Information and Audience

Instead of reading a 1000-word article, or a long-captioned post, users would much rather see the information in motion. That’s one of the main reasons behind video’s success in general: people retain information better when it’s visual.

So, how exactly do you get more for less? Here’s how:

  • Videos explain subjects better in a few words;
  • Around 2-5 minutes is the ideal length for a video on Facebook;
  • Videos are easier to share and report on stories/personal pages.

These three reasons should tell you why posting videos on social media is important. They tell a story, and they’re ideal for helping you stand out.

4: Good ROI

Every brand or marketer wishes to achieve their goal without having to spend too much money. That is one of the reasons around 88% of video marketing experts are happy with the ROI their videos yield.

Another stat suggests that brands that invested in videos generated revenue 49% faster than those that didn’t. Now, think about the benefits, such as:

  • Storytelling aspects and fleeting nature of videos.
  • Ability to captivate an audience on a large scale.
  • Far more likely to get shared by your target users.
  • One video can be posted on several social networks—albeit at different lengths.

These factors tell us loudly that videos are great for social media. Because they help you engage with your audience better and allow you to generate more engagement, revenue, etc.

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