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Compelling Reasons To Kick Start Your Business In Dubai In 2023

Considering Dubai for your business? Let’s give you a few compelling reasons to do so. 

The success of a business depends a lot on the environment. But, if an environment is made to be an ecosystem for up-and-coming businesses to thrive, then it definitely fits the bill. One such place is Dubai, or Emirates, or UAE—whatever you want to call it.

Perhaps that’s the reason the Emirates saw a 25% in new businesses acquiring licenses in 2022—only in the first 6 months. So, is that the only reason to make it an ideal place to start your business? There are four more reasons to choose Dubai as the place for your startup venture. Here they are:

1: World’s Tourism and Finance Center 

UAE is known to offer man-made exotic locations and a desert oasis unlike another. Perhaps these are the two main reasons Dubai saw around 7 million overnight visitors in June of 2022 alone. 

Tourism may not make it a financial hub for the world, but it is a place of many opportunities. The eCommerce market in UAE alone is predicted to be worth around $19.83 billion by 2027. To sum it up in two sentences:

  • It has a lot of visitors;
  • It has innate business opportunities.

All that spells that it’s a great reason to begin your business. 

2: Growing Continuously 

Dubai’s growth is testified by its ever-expanding landscapes and cities. With constant construction and blooming tourist attractions, Dubai will continue to be a very attractive place in 2023.

Now, this type of growth isn’t necessarily attractive to tourists only. It also brings people for work, investment opportunities, sporting events, etc. All of which predict potential growth in the business landscape. 

3: Government-Backed Progress

At the start of 2023, Dubai announced a business boost to improve trade and the economic landscape. This plan is backed by the government’s funding of over $8.7 trillion. This means two things:

  • The government needs international investors to come to UAE
  • It wants more businesses to consider it the next global hub for businesses

So, right now may not be a bad time to start your startup venture in Emirati. 

4: Ideal Infrastructure and Culture 

Regardless of your country of origin, culture, language, belief, etc.—you cannot help but be inspired by Dubai’s infrastructure and accepting culture. This factor alone makes it one of the best places to kick-start a new business in 2023.

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