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5 Email Marketing Trends In 2023

Email marketing is an ever-growing tactic in online marketing. So, what are the leading trends you should follow?

By 2025, the global email user count will be above 4.6 billion. One of the many reasons behind that is emails’ growing use for marketing and promotions. From newsletters to discount offers, marketing companies are quick to jump on the trends of using emails.

However, email marketing trends always change. As a result, in 2022, more than 333 billion emails were sent every day on average. This should tell us its growing usage in the coming years. But how do you keep up with it? What steps can you take to be relevant in email marketing?
The idea is to follow the right trends. So, let’s talk about some of the leading email marketing trends in 2023.

What Is Email Marketing?

The use of emailing as a means of promotion or marketing products or services can be described as email marketing. However, the modern methods of email marketing are far beyond the common email marketing traditions. For example:

● Generating cold leads by tapping into potential customer base;
● Providing offers and unique promotions to existing customers;
● And sending out intriguing offers to competitor customers.

These factors are just an example of how email marketing is employed. However, the most common use of emails in digital marketing is to generate leads toward blogs, websites, social media platforms, etc.

Why Are Email Marketing Trends Important?

Email or any marketing trends are important because they can dictate how a brand or company stays relevant in light of recent developments. For instance, trends that were rampant in 2021 may not be relevant anymore. Therefore, shifting strategies with changing trends is a necessity. Therefore, trends are important because they can:

● Make your strategy more intuitive;
● Help you stand out from competitors;
● And make your product/service more appealing.

That’s why email marketing trends can shift the tide in favor of brands or businesses that know how to
use these trends properly.

Top 5 Email Marketing Trends In 2023

Now without further ado, let’s talk about the leading email marketing trends in 2023.

1. Privacy-Focused Emails

Privacy is one of the leading factors in email security—for both the client and the host. Back in 2021, Apple introduced a new parameter for email privacy protection, and since then, it has become a standard for marketers. As of February 2023, Apple’s market share in email clients has soared to 59.81%. This is all thanks to Apple Mail Privacy protection. Therefore, if you are looking to attract serious buyers, then you’ll have to take security and privacy seriously as well.

2. Thorough Personalization

Emails used to be generic and sounded like an address or a sermon. Nowadays, emails are personalized and aimed directly at the reader. Therefore, the reader thinks it was written for them directly, and in a sense, it is written exclusively for the reader.

This personalization is done through three major tactics:

● Specific customer profiles;
● Conversational emails;
● And targeting the ailment of the reader.

In other words, the email should be relevant and not generic. Therefore, the person who reads it should think, “this is for me!” just from the subject line.

3. New Metrics & KPIs

It used to be that any email marketing strategy’s success was measured by the number of people who opened the emails. Nowadays, it’s not as simple as that. While open rates surely play a vital role in email marketing, they are not everything.

Nowadays, instead of relying on a guessing game, opinions from customers directly are a lot more valued. Therefore, a simple 5-star rating system or asking customers to email a few words in return are the new metrics and KPIs of email marketing.

4. Email Automation

Email automation is the present and future of email marketing, and it allows businesses to reach their audience a lot more efficiently. According to experts, automated emails generate around 320% more revenue compared to strategies that do not employ automation.

Therefore, email automation can be done through a few key tips, such as:

● Ensuring short and spam-free emails;
● Personalized email bodies;
● Engaging headlines;
● And sending emails at the right time.

Therefore, you need to analyze your audience and figure out which times are the best to send an email to them.

5. AMP Emails

AMP emails are Google’s making, and they allow users to fill out forms, buy products, or book appointments without leading to another website or platform. In other words, these are interactive emails that make it more convenient for your audience.

Therefore, for any brand or business that wishes to make things easier for their clients, then using AMP emails is the way to go. This ensures that extra bit of convenience for audiences, which turns them into loyal customers.


These are the primary trends that email marketers are following and will continue to follow in 2023. All these trends have one thing in common, and that’s user convenience. Therefore, any email trend that makes things easier for a customer should be on your priority list.

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