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Seamless Business Setup & Launch in United Arab Emirates

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Business Setup Services Dubai

Company Formation & Offshore Setup

Start your company in Dubai with our highly experienced business consultants. Our seamless processes break down the barrier and bring you closer to your dreams. Policies in UAE are constantly advancing, paving the way for entrepreneurs and business owners with utmost flexibility and ease.

It's high time to enter the Freezone or get registered in the Mainland. UAE welcomes you all, and M Hub is here to help you. Whether it's licensing or business setup processes, we are here for you.

Starting a Business In Dubai Is Easy & Budget-Friendly

Enjoy Professional LLC company formation in Dubai at M Hub.


Enjoy smooth functionality and transparent business setup process to register your business in the Mainland. Our expert business setup consultants are here to help.


Get your Freezone business setup in UAE with low-cost startup options, modern infrastructures, cost-effective packages, and tailored services.


Wondering about your new business setup in Dubai in the Offshores? Let's discuss a custom process under your budget. We make your business journey smooth & successful.


Stressed About Business Registration In Dubai?

M Hub is a premier company notable for offering a hassle-free business setup in Dubai, UAE. With years of excellence and a team of qualified and well-trained consultants, we provide an actionable and progressive business plan to our clients. No matter what your preferred region is- Mainland, Freezone, or Offshore, we’ve got you covered.

From registering your bank accounts to licensing to providing a well-furnished business setup, we are your one-stop platform for all your needs. So, if you are reluctant to take your first step in the UAE market, get us on a call and discuss your big move. We are here every step of your way

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We build and activate brands through cultural insight, strategic vision, and the power of emotion across every element of its expression.


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Your Roadmap to Successful Business Setup in The UAE

We sit with our client to understand and streamline the entire process noting down their requirements and evaluating their goals.

We get in touch with reliable and potential sponsors who show interest to work together on the new business plan. Schedule meetings and handle all the legal work. 

Choosing the desired location we guide our clients about the ins and outs of licensing policies and get the business licence feasibly. 

From choosing a prime location to setting up the office to handling all the legal work, we take up your hassles and help you start from the ground-up. 

Making sure your business launch enjoys the limelight we strategically plan marketing campaigns and share pre & post launch ideas. 

Get Your E-Commerce Licence in Dubai Now

Enjoy our all-inclusive e-commerce licence services in Dubai. You can execute all your business activities across any social platform legally while enjoying the many perks to broaden and expand your business.

If you have a great product to launch or your inventory is collecting dust, it's time to put them on the e-store and get the ball rolling. No need to break yourself through the tedious licensing process as we make everything easier and simpler for you.


Travis Franklin / CEO


Travis Franklin / CEO

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Travis Franklin / CEO

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We build and activate brands through cultural insight, strategic vision, and the power of emotion across every element of its expression.

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We build and activate brands through cultural insight, strategic vision, and the power of emotion across every element of its expression.

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